Workshops - Ancient Skys


I specialize in small group night photography workshops, never more than four individuals. I strive to provide personalized individual attention. 

These are all scheduled upon request. Please CONTACT ME with any questions or inquiries.

These involve two nights of photography, one evening of lecture and one post-processing sessions. Basic understanding of how to use a DSLR camera is required.

Topics Covered.

1. An understanding of the night sky as it relates to the earth (celestial movement, Earth’s Orbit, movement of the Milky Way, Moon Cycles…)

2. Planning the shot, understanding the relationship of the setting to the night sky (google earth and stellarium)

3. Basic camera exposure as it relates to night photography (Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lenses)

4. The importance of ISO in night photography, ISO invariance

5. Night time camera focusing

6. Using your camera at night (Milky Way photography, composites, star trails, night panoramas, constellations)

7. Lighting the foreground via light painting and long exposure

8. Reducing noise (in camera, image stacking, tracking)

9. Photoshop skills, using curves and layer masks.


All participants should have a modest amount of fitness. No extreme fitness is necessary, but the ability to hike 1-2 miles in some heat with some very easy scrambling while carrying all of your gear, food and water. All of the intended sites are accessible but may require some hiking and mild scrambling with no dangerous exposure.

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