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All photographs are available for purchase through the gallary pages. If you have any questions or specific requests regarding printing please contact me.

I also provide prints in an Museum Acrylic Sandwich. A FujiFlex Crystal Archive Chromira Wet Process Print is sandwiched and bonded between 1/4" Acrylic & 1/8" Black Acrylic on the back. The edges are machined, sanded and flame polished to a crystal clear finish. This includes a french cleat hanging system or spacer blocks with a screw pocket to stand out 1/2" from the wall. These prints are personally overseen and crafted by my friends at Replicolor. These are the ultimate in fine art display.

                                     Museum Acrylic Sandwich

                                                         8x12"    $250

                                                        16x24"  $667

                                                        18x27"  $720

                                                        20x30"  $900

                                                        24x36"  $1200

                                                        30X45"  $1600

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