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As a photographer and writer I am interested our relationship with the night sky. Our origin resides within the night sky. Gazing outwards we witness hydrogen fusing into helium and the formation of all atoms. Atoms coalesce into the rocky matter of our home Earth, mingling and changing via pressure and friction of stone.

Geochemistry rising to biochemistry. From this mix consciousness and awareness has emerged. Human emotion, needs, dreams, fears, war and tenderness, love and hate, culture and art all manifested via this intermingling of atoms and molecules. Our carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, everything came from inside those burning spheres. We are all atoms, everything is. But what is unique and special, is you and I know it. We contemplate it.

These atoms came together and carved that art on the sandstone a millennium ago. Somehow, through all of this, Meaning happened. Humanity and the stars are one and the same. The night sky is beautiful and we are beauty staring back at itself.

The night sky represents the purest form of wilderness, the vast eternity which cannot be manipulated or destroyed. The legacy of ancient cultures and ancient earth photographed beneath the universe brings into focus how brief is humanity’s entire tenure. Photographing these elusive landscapes is a way of entering timelessness, a way of experiencing these forgotten places in their greatest context, a context shared by all humans—we are but momentary flashes of awareness on a tiny ball in a vast universe.

It is my attempt to relay this relationship through photography and words.

Shows and News

The Gulch Magazine, Issue 9. "The Sky That We Are".  Photography and Article. Link

Friends of Cedar Mesa, Celebration Weekend. Presentation of Astrophotography throughout the desert southwest. March 2019

Wiki Loves Monuments, 2018. 2nd place USA Contest, link. 9th International Contest, Link to article

Insight Astronomy Photographer, 2018 &2019. Shortlist. Link

Patagonia 2017 Social and Environmental Initiatives, cover photo. 

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque NM, April 2017 - Fall 2018. Juggling Fire, opening piece for exhibit Long Ago

Patagonia Bears Ears Campaign, 2017-2018. Link

Kallisto, Santa Fe NM, March-April 2017. 

The Photo Nightscape AwardsChasseurs de Nuits, 2017, honorable mention.

Art Access, Salt Lake City UT, Ancient Nights, February 17 - March 10 2017

Smithsonian Magazine Finalist and Photo of the Day. 2017, Link

The Sun Magazine, June 2016 Issue 486. Cover Photo and Photographic Essay (Link)

Salt Lake City Main Library, Salt Lake City Utah, Ancient Nights, May-June 2015

Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff AZ, NightVisions V,September 2014 Coconino Center for the Arts

International Photography Awards™, 2014 First Place in Night Photography

Utah Artist Hands, Salt Lake City, Utah 2013-2017

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